This very first PPP project for a building with offices and laboratories is a technical feat. View all of the construction videos of the development of the new RIVM and CBG building to see what was accomplished in a year’s time. #proud

All videos are spoken and/or subtitled in Dutch. 

December 2018 update

December 2018 Update. Take a tour of the new RIVM/CBG building construction site with Project Manager Ron Konter and discover the future. View the contours of the new RIVM and CBG building in the new building’s construction videos.

April 2019 update

April 2019 Update. Main Construction Supervisor Bas Hessels of the MEET consortium explains how the ‘slip forming of the cores’ with the aid of a slip-form lining system works. View the April 2019 construction videos.

July 2019 update

July 2019 Update. The four cores of the tower of the new RIVM and CBG building were erected by means of a slip form. On top, we are erecting cranes 1 and 4. The crane on the left has been operating for a week and with the three cranes we will be constructing the building around the cores using prefab elements. It was decided to erect the cranes on top of the cores. View the July 2019 construction videos.

November 2019 update

November 2019 Update. The development of the new RIVM/CBG building at the Utrecht Science Park is increasingly taking shape. We are installing four façade elements a day, and seven cranes and a concrete pump, among other things, are operative. In this November 2019 construction video, MEET’S Construction Site Manager Jan Kastelein explains what is happening.

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