About us

We contribute to a safe and accessible world, now and in the future. That has been our commitment for 100 years. With a focus on sustainable infrastructure.

We design, construct and maintain sustainable infrastructure with advanced technology, domain knowledge and specialised expertise. We focus on maintenance, technology-driven projects and projects in which our specialised knowledge makes the difference. Combining technological fields in both rail and civil engineering is our strength.

We have some 4,300 employees and an annual revenue of EUR 1.3 billion.


We wish to contribute to the safety, quality and sustainability of infrastructure. Rail, roads and energy. We develop and integrate technologies and solutions to do so. We challenge customers to opt for contracts with room for sustainability and innovation. We are committed to operate with care and integrity and in a sustainable way and wish to encourage our sector to do the same. We combine this approach with a focus on functionality, quality, life span and a good price-quality ratio.

We operate from two operating companies and several specialised portfolio companies. Our strength lies in the integration of our specialist areas with specialist areas of our stakeholders.

Operating companies

Our operating companies are:

  • Strukton Rail
    Maintenance, renewal and new construction of rail infrastructure (lightrail and heavy rail), and integration with other public transport systems.
  • Civil infrastructure
    Design, realisation, management and maintenance of civil infrastructure. Roads, tunnels, bridges, locks and other structures.

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