Good business practices, integrity, respect, supervision, transparent reporting and accountability are the leading aspects of our business.

We owe our success to our core competencies in the implementation of projects at world level, and to always acting ethically correct and with integrity. In all operating companies worldwide, we insist on integrity in doing business.

Strukton All Right

Strukton All Right is the title of our policy of acting with integrity. With this programme, we use training courses, presentation and internal communication to pay intensive attention to our company culture to make employees more aware of ethical rules, authorisations, compliance with legislation and regulations both at home and abroad, and risk management when collaborating with domestic and foreign parties. We have various rules and by-laws indicating the framework for the performance and operations.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct Honest Business Practice sets out the key rules that Strukton imposes for fair and just business. It helps determine what is fair and just at work, in addition to the existing local legislation. The Code has an integral structure, clearly connecting into various existing policy documents and rules, including the policy for dealing with gifts and invitations, the policy for countering bribes and corruption, the human rights policy and the regulations regarding undesirable behaviour. The regulations regarding undesirable behaviour allow employees to report any actual or suspected irregularities to a confidential counsellor. Additionally, we offer employees the possibility to anonymously report any suspected abuse of or non-compliance with the regulations to an external party.

Code of conduct and linked documents

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