Working on tracks, construction sites and along roads and motorways involves risks. This is why working safely and in good health is a top priority for us.

Focusing on safety together

Strukton is committed to 24/7, 24Safe: always working safely, residing safely and travelling safely. We take the safety of our own employees, those of our partner organisations, visitors and passers-by extremely seriously. It is our conviction that nothing we do is worth injury. Health and safety at work therefore is an integral part of our people’s professional skills, as well as of the people with whom we work.

This is how we treat safety

Safety is part of our daily work. We each assume our own responsibility and discuss safe and unsafe situations together. In this regard, we are open to feedback and subsequently deal with this feedback professionally and respectfully. Everyone is always briefed and has the responsibility for protecting his own safety as well as that of others. Keeping one another alert to high-risk situations is of major importance. This is why an employee is entitled to halt the work when he believes that it may adversely affect health or safety.

We are always aware of the consequences of any changes. We respond to and anticipate this. We ensure that we and others learn from our safety experiences. We share information designed to manage risks and prevent the reoccurrence of incidents. Our attitude towards health and safety is positive and cumulative with due consideration to that which is good. However, when safety regulations and/or rules are breached, we are strict and apply a ‘zero tolerance policy’.

Zero accidents

We aim for zero accidents. We also aim to learn from near-misses, thus enabling us to adjust safety measures. The operating companies Rail, Civiel and Worksphere furthermore learn from each other and from sector-specific safety programmes. This is the only way in which we can transform our golden principle into action: no one becomes injured, everyone stays healthy.

Safety for everyone

Safety goes beyond the safety of our own people. As visitor, you will have the right access, made the necessary preparations and wear the right safety clothing. Hired staff, cooperating partners and chain partners must be able to work safely with and for us. And the end-user of our products and services must be able to move safely from point A to point B or must be able to reside safely.