Today, the four-day shutdown of the workshop of the tram depot in Nieuwegein starts.

During this period, the workshop will not be accessible for maintenance and repair of trams. At 8.00 a.m. on Monday 24 July, the workshop will be accessible again with pull power and fully from Monday 31 July.

During the shutdown, the rail infrastructure will be replaced by new rails and switches. In addition, new rail infra will be installed, which will be connected to the new depot in the future.

No inconvenience to passengers 
The work to adapt the Rail infrastructure and Site Organisation at the Nieuwegein depot will not inconvenience passengers in any way. While the work is taking place at the depot, all the trams will run as usual, also during the shutdown of the workplace.

After the shutdown 
In the five days after the shutdown, the workshop will only be accessible with a pull power, as there will not yet be an overhead line. From Monday 31 July, the overhead line above the rail will be operational again and trams can reach the workshop under their own power supply.

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