Strukton Infra Specials and Strukton Roads & Concrete

Strukton Civiel

Strukton Civiel used to be the name of the civil companies of Strukton. We now offer the civil services from the companies Strukton Roads & Concrete (Strukton Wegen & Beton) and Strukton Infra Specials, with websites of their own (in Dutch). Click on the links below to directly access their websites.

Strukton Roads & Concrete

The focus of Strukton Roads & Concrete (Strukton Wegen & Beton) is on road construction and concrete construction, such as underpasses, viaducts, road maintenance, and civil infrastructure for energy networks, pipeline construction, expansion joints and industrial construction.

Strukton Infra Specials

Strukton Infra Specials is a specialist in tunnel construction (replacement, renovation and maintenance), waterway construction (including locks, bridges, quay walls, waterways) and the combination of rail-civil construction (civil engineering activities in the railway environment).

Current projects

Some of our current civil projects are still being performed from Strukton Civiel Projecten bv. That won’t change. All correspondence concerning those projects will continue to be through the usual contact lines.

Strukton Infra Specials

Tunnel construction, waterway construction. rail-civil

To the website of Infra Specials

Strukton Roads & Concrete

Road and concrete construction, pipeline construction, industrial construction

To the website of Roads & Concrete