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Supervisory Board files request before Enterprise Chamber

On March 17th 2023, the Supervisory Board of Oranjewoud and Strukton Groep suspended Mr Gerard Sanderink as the CEO at Oranjewoud NV, Strukton Groep NV and all its daughter companies in which he was statutory director. The suspension for a period of three months followed a series of incidents that impaired the stability of the governance of the companies and damaged the reputation of the companies.

Following the suspension, the Supervisory Board has been able to work energetically on dossiers that needed to be solved, together with the management of the companies. The Supervisory Board focuses on the interest of the companies and their stakeholders and takes the steps they consider necessary to protect these interests.


A longer suspension of Mr Sanderink as CEO is necessary for peace and stability for the company. The Supervisory Board has therefore requested the Enterprise Chamber to carry out an enquiry, extend the suspension measure and eliminate Mr Sanderink’s influence as indirect main shareholder of Oranjewoud and Strukton Group for a longer period of time.