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Supervisory boards of Oranjewoud NV and Strukton Groep NV take over management with immediate effect

Effective immediately, the Supervisory Boards of Oranjewoud NV and Strukton Groep NV have suspended Mr Gerard Sanderink as the CEO of Oranjewoud NV, Strukton Groep NV and all its daughter companies in which he is statutory director. This means that he can no longer take decisions on behalf of the companies mentioned. The Supervisory Board takes over management of Oranjewoud NV and the Strukton companies with immediate effect. The Board has taken this step in the interest of the companies, staff members and other stakeholders.

The Supervisory Board’s decision follows a period of incidents around Mr Sanderink. The focus in the coming period will be to get to a stable and futureproof governance of the companies and support the staff members to continue to do their job. The various divisions are equipped to contribute to the joint strategy ‘sustainable infrastructure in Europe’. The Supervisory Board will be able to rely on the craftsmanship, knowledge and ongoing commitment of the management and staff members of the companies.