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Arthur Vlaanderen to become Group CFO

Arthur Vlaanderen will be appointed Group CFO at Strukton Groep as of September 1st 2022. Arthur has been working at Strukton for 7 years now. He was financially responsible for a number of long-term DBFMO contracts, leading several processes including the refinancing of the A15 Maasvlakte Vaanplein project in 2018-2019. Since 2018, he was also involved in transactions and refinancing process(es) for Strukton Groep. He became Strukton’s Director Corporate Finance & Treasury in July 2021. In the past period, he worked on the strategic review of Strukton Groep and restructuring of the organisation of Strukton Civiel. He also held ultimate responsibility for the successful sales process of Strukton Worksphere.

We are glad that Arthur has been found willing to take over the role of Mark de Haas, who was hired as CFO ad interim at Strukton Groep since 2021. Mark had been involved in the development and implementation of Strukton Rail’s renewed strategy before being appointed as CFO at Strukton Groep. At Strukton Groep, he played a leading role in the strategic review of Strukton and the implementation of the new strategy. Major changes included the implementation of the new consolidation system, contracting the new accountant, (re)designing a holding organisation, the organisational restructuring of Strukton Civiel and laying out the specialist portfolio companies. We also welcomed a new Supervisory Board in March 2022.

We are now further developing the strategic focus on future-proof infrastructure, building on our rich history and expertise. Decisive, effective and with a clear organisation structure. Aiming at the best result and with a defined scope that fits our key competences. We no longer enter into projects with a high risk profile and will focus on our home countries in Europe: Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy. This is where we have our history, where we are in control and where we can make the difference.

We are going to embed our new strategic focus in the coming year and will actively work on phasing out large-scale or high-risk project activities outside of Europe. At the same time, we will continue to implement improvements that will make our organisation more agile.

We wish to thank Mark for his important contributions to Strukton and wish Arthur a lot of success in his new role.