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With renewed strategy, Strukton strengthens historic position in sustainable infrastructure

Today, Strukton announced to have entered into exclusive negotiations with SPIE for the acquisition of Worksphere. This message goes into the strategic reflections behind this step: strengthening of Strukton’s focus on sustainable infrastructure.

Ahead of its 100th anniversary on December 13th, Strukton Groep has renewed its strategy. Strukton is strengthening its position in Europe as the leading service provider in the field of sustainable infrastructure, with a focus on green transport and electrification. Strukton prefers work with a repetitive character and maintenance services. Strukton’s renewed strategy marks a return to Strukton’s rich history, building on a century of expertise.

Strukton’s divisions are going to work more closely together as a group to realise optimal strategic synergy in sustainable infrastructure and electrification. Decisive, effective and with a clear organisation structure, Strukton is investing in specialist knowledge and technology, and the integrated application of its solutions.

Investing in information technology and data analysis helps us to think ahead and define the best approach. Using data driven predictions, we can select the best times for maintenance and think along with our customers to extend the life cycle of their assets.

Distinctive, aiming at the best result and a defined scope. Strukton no longer enters into projects with a high risk profile and carefully selects the countries in which to operate. This brings the focus back to the European historic roots, in the Nordics, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. Mark de Haas, Strukton’s CFO: “We thoroughly know this market. This is where we have our history, we know the culture, rules and legislation.”

The lines between the various divisions of Strukton will be shorter and the organisation more clear and simple. Strukton Rail was already organised this way last year, with Strukton Rail Italy, Strukton Rail Nordics and Strukton Rail Belgium-the Netherlands reporting directly to the Group. Strukton Civiel will follow this structure, with clear product-market combinations, close to the customer.

This news item is a follow-up to an earlier report on Strukton’s new strategy from July this year.