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More strategic focus Strukton Groep and organisational changes

Strukton is creating more strategic focus. The company develops into a leading European player, in line with worldwide developments and the growing need for sustainable mobility and energy systems.

Governments, passengers, operators and the industry count on reliable, efficient, and sustainable transport and access to energy. This requires smart maintenance and management. Strukton’s rich in-house domain knowledge and craftsmanship in combination with high-end technology gives the company a strong position in smart maintenance and management. To further strengthen this position, it is important to invest continuously in the development of technologies and craftsmanship and in the application and integration of solutions. This requires commercial clout and flexibility.

Strukton is therefore adjusting its structure of Strukton Group. In the past period, the three country clusters of Strukton Rail (Nordics, Italy, and Belgium/Netherlands) were directly positioned under Strukton Group. The activities of Strukton focusing on electrification and the energy transition were bundled in the new Strukton Power, including Strukton Systems and Strukton Rolling Stock.

Against this background, Strukton Group is more closely involved with the business. This requires a different role of Strukton Group to optimally support the business. Mark de Haas has therefore been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ad interim of Strukton Group. He was the CFO of Strukton Rail, where he pursued process improvements and professionalised the financial column. He also played an important role in the implementation of Strukton Rail’s renewed strategy.

Arthur Vlaanderen was appointed Director Corporate Finance & Treasury as of 1 July 2021. In his new function, he will play an important role in the contacts with banks and other financial stakeholders. Jean-Paul Drop was appointed Director Strategic HR. Both Arthur and Jean Paul were already working at Strukton.

Strukton Civiel is revising its strategy and has set out a course towards 2025. This course aims at an open culture of cooperation, profitable projects, and room for innovations in the fields in which Strukton is leading the infrastructure market. Frank Bekooij has started this strategic programme and has created a solid basis. To our regret, Frank has decided to leave Strukton. We respect his decision and are highly grateful for his contributions to Strukton Civiel. He is stepping down as the statutory director of Strukton Civiel but will remain available to transfer his duties till mid-July.

Frank started his career at Strukton 23 years ago as a student trainee. In the past 16 years, he led Strukton Civiel first in the role of finance director (since 2006) and then as the managing director (since 2015). As the managing director, Frank took up the job to support the financial recovery of Strukton Civiel. He continued with setting out the strategy towards 2025. We are convinced that he has set a sound basis for the future together with the management, especially given the knowledge and expertise present within Strukton Civiel.

The management team of Strukton Civiel will temporarily take over the daily management of Strukton Civiel, under the direction of Strukton Group’s management.

We will continue to contribute to the safety, quality, and sustainability of our customer systems with full commitment and energy through our contracts and projects. Today, we create tomorrow.