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Strukton celebrates 100th anniversary

Strukton celebrates 100th anniversary in 2021. It will be a modest celebration, focused on employees and in compliance with Covid-19 measures.

Foundation and Merger

Strukton can look back on a hundred years of great milestones and projects. This started as soon as the company was founded. In 1918, the partnership Dutch National Railways, needed office space for its 1,500 employees. However, due to the uncertainties caused by World War I, there were no contractors prepared to take on the job. In 1921, the partnership decided to build the office itself and established a public limited company, N.V. het Spoorwegbouwbedrijf, for this purpose. The result is a building known as De Inktpot – The Inkpot – which has since become a nationally listed building in the centre of Utrecht and today still serves as an office building for ProRail.
In 1972, N.V. het Spoorwegbouwbedrijf merges with the Danish construction company Christiani & Nielsen, resulting in the creation of the Strukton Group in 1974. This is followed by many years of strong growth, during which Strukton takes over Reef, Mergor and Worksphere among others. On 29 October 2010, Strukton becomes part of Oranjewoud N.V.

Prestigious Projects and Milestones

In the Netherlands alone there are numerous prestigious projects successfully completed by Strukton Rail, Strukton Civiel, Strukton Worksphere and Strukton Integrale Projecten, Strukton’s four operating companies. Projects that come to mind include the tunnelling below Amsterdam Central Station and the IJ, a body of water and Amsterdam’s waterfront, the renovation of the A2 motorway around and below Maastricht, the construction of the Betuwe freight line across the Netherlands and the redevelopment of government office Rijkskantoor de Knoop. Strukton also made a name for itself outside our nation’s borders. For example, through railway maintenance in Sweden and Italy and the construction of three metro lines in Riyad. No matter how large or small the projects or maintenance contracts, the approach always is the same: Strukton makes use of high-end technology, domain knowledge and professionalism. Parallel to these activities, Strukton constantly works on innovation and continued development. 

Strukton Mentality

The work continues 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so that end-users experience the least possible inconvenience. This shoulders-to-the-wheel mentality is also reflected in the company’s culture. Strukton employees are down-to-earth, driven and never give up on the path towards great end-results. They are the capital and the driving force behind Strukton’s success. This is therefore the reason that in 2021 the spotlight will be focused on them, the Strukton heroes.