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SUREbridge: Strukton and FiberCore offer a circular solution for strengthening outdated bridges

SUREbridge: a circular solution in which a composite FRP deck is placed on an existing concrete bridge. Strukton Civiel and FiberCore Europe signed a cooperation agreement today.

UTRECHT (THE NETHERLANDS), 9 March 2020 – More and more bridges and viaducts no longer meet the wishes and requirements of our time. Stronger structures are required due to more and heavier traffic. The outdated structures require costly maintenance and must be demolished or rebuilt. That is not a sustainable solution, say Strukton Civiel and FiberCore Europe. In collaboration with a number of European parties, FiberCore Europe developed SUREbridge: a circular solution in which a composite FRP deck is placed on an existing concrete bridge. Edwin Oostinga, Director Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost and Jan Kroon, General Director of FiberCore Europe signed a cooperation agreement today to be able to offer this sustainable solution to the market.

With the use of SUREbridge the bridge not only becomes stronger, the bridge can also be widened (profile). The municipality of Noordoospolder showed an interest in the method in view of their future maintenance task. Strukton Civiel and FiberCore Europe have carried out several tests and tests in this municipality. All information gathered shows that SUREbridge is a perfect alternative for renovating existing outdated concrete bridges. At present, contacts have been made with several clients for the implementation of a number of pilots, so that SUREbridge can ultimately be offered as a standard solution.

SUREbridge: the benefits

The benefits of SUREbridge a numerous. Due to a shorter construction time there is less inconvenience for road users and local residents. The bridge also has a longer lifespan with virtually no maintenance required. Existing bottlenecks can be remedied by upgrading and widening the bridge. The bridge thus meets the current standards for heavier traffic. By preventing demolition and extending the lifespan SUREbridge offers a sustainable solution and a reduction in CO2 emissions. And finally, construction costs are lower, which is good for the budgets.

Strukton and FiberCore collaboration

Besides from SUREbridge offering a strong solution, the collaboration between Strukton Civiel and FiberCore Europe also offers added value. The parties have found each other in previous collaborations on various projects and a joint vision of the maintenance market. They have developed future-proof solutions that have potential for further development. The companies work together towards a broad network with a product that is fully focused on the future and the growing maintenance market.

Developed in a European context

SUREbridge stands for Sustainable Refurbishment or Existing Bridges. The method has been developed in collaboration with ten European countries, the United States and the European Commission. FiberCore Europe worked with Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), University of Pisa (Italy) and AICE Consulting S.R.L. to develop SUREbridge. (Italy).