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Drop in CO2 emissions continues in 2018

Our CO2 reports for 2018 reveal that the downward trend of our carbon footprint persisted in 2018 throughout the company

It is our goal to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% in relation to our operating income between 2009 and 2020. We set that goal back in 2009 and since then we have indeed seen an ongoing drop in our CO2 emissions. Our reports for 2018 reveal that this trend persisted in 2018 throughout the company. In 2019 we will re-assess our CO2 reduction goals, but the reports on our 2018 emissions are still based on our current goals.

The following figures show our achievements for the four goals we set ourselves: 

  • In 2018 we achieved a 2% drop in our absolute emissions. In other words, we are well on our way to meeting our emission reduction goal of 15% compared with 2009. 
  • We are well on target for our relative emission reduction too (the emissions related to our operating income), although the results of the individual operating companies vary somewhat. 
  • Our target for 2018 was to reduce our relative emissions by 2% compared with 2017. And we did it – our relative emissions dropped by 3.1%, in fact. 
  • And because we use 99% green energy, we have exceeded our target of 90% green energy by far. 

As a considerable proportion of our emissions is caused by mobility, we have set out several measures to reduce our mobility emissions. The emissions of the lease fleet fell further in 2018, after a slight rise in 2017. We now only allow energy-efficient diesel cars in our present lease car range. In addition, as from 1 January 2018, a 100%-electric lease car is available in each lease category. One challenge we face is the changing nature of our work: the transition to more management and maintenance means we are travelling more. However, we are introducing other measures to reduce emissions caused by our mobility. In the month of June, for example, we promoted the use of Skype-for-Business and we will continue to call attention to this feature. Moreover, e-bikes are now available at several locations and we are constantly encouraging our staff to be aware of their mobility. As part of this trend, Strukton took part in the Low Car Diet again in 2018 and we are competing in the 2019 Spitsbrekers contest.