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On course with CO2 reduction

Between 2009 and 2020, reduce our CO2 emissions by 15%, related to operating income.

This is an objective which we established in 2009. The report over the first half of 2018 shows that we are on course company-wide to achieve this objective. In 2019, we will re-assess our CO2 reduction objective. Over 2018, we are still reporting our emissions based on our current objectives.

CO2 emissions subdivided according to scope

Most of our emissions come from mobility, followed by production and rolling stock. These three categories represent 97% of the emissions.

The emissions of the lease fleet fell further in 2018, after a slight rise in 2017. Currently only energy-efficient diesel cars are leased. In addition, from 1 January 2018, a 100% electric lease car is available in each lease category. One challenge we face is the changing nature of the work: through the transition to more control and maintenance, we are travelling more. However, other measures are being taken to reduce emissions caused by mobility. In the month of June, for example, the use of Skype-for-Business was promoted. Here we focused on three aspects: time gain due to more efficient working, cost savings by managing time more efficiently and travelling less, and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Emissions rolling stock
CO2 emissions of the rolling stock used on projects rose in the first half of 2018 by 17% compared with the first half of 2017. This was mainly related to an increase in the operating income. Through various activities, we want to reduce the CO2 emissions of the rolling stock.

  • Strukton has joined the Green Deal Het Nieuwe Draaien. In the first half of 2018, drivers, finishers, foremen and engineers attended the training Het Nieuwe Draaien voor Asfaltmaterieel [New Operations for Asphalt material] again.
  • In the first half of 2018, a framework agreement was signed between Strukton and the supplier of biofuel, GoodFuels. All Strukton operating companies and all the partnerships in which Strukton participates can use the biofuel.
  • The purchase of new rolling stock is tested against environmental criteria.

Want to know more about our CO2 reduction measures? Read the full report.