An overview of Struktons' milestones

2015 Acquisition of NS Spooraansluitingen
2014 Termination of small-scale railway construction activities in Germany
2014 Acquisition of Siebens Spoorbouw BVBA
2014 Merger of Strukton Bouw and Strukton Worksphere
2013 Interest in CLF (Italy) increased to 60%
2013 Acquisition of Unihorn India, involved in freeways, bridges and airports
2013 Acquisition of Rasenberg, involved in road construction
2012 Acquisition of Ooms, involved in earthmoving and road and waterway
2012 Acquisition of Van Straten
2012 Obtained a 50% interest in A1 Electronics Netherlands BV
2011 Activities in Norway ended
2011 Sale of an 80% majority interest in PPP projects to DIF
2011 Acquisition of Ooms Avenhorn Groep BV
2011 First maintenance and energy performance contract signed (ESCo)
for Rotterdam swimming pools
2011 Sale of Strukton Materieel
2010 Oranjewoud NV acquires Strukton Groep
2008 Acquisition of shares in Betonmast Bane (Norway)
2007 Partial acquisition of Duik Combinatie Nederland
2007 Increase in interest in Jernbaneservice (Norway) to 100%
2007 Increase in interest in Svensk Banproduktion (Sweden) to 100% 
2007 Acquisition of Georg Reisse (Germany)
2006 65% interest in Jernbaneservice (Norway)
2006 Acquisition of WorkSphere from Stork
2006 Acquisition of Reef, earthmoving and road building
2006 Incorporation of Mergor, specialist in immersion techniques
2006 First PPP concession contract signed for Harnaschpolder
2003 Acquisition of 60% interest in Svensk Banproduktion (Sweden)
2002 Sale of 40% of Railpro
2002 Sale of Wisselbouw Nederland BV
2001 Sale of Strukton De Meijer (Belgium)
2000 Sale of Logitech
2000 Acquisition of Terracon and Colijn
1999 Sale of Strukton Staalbouw BV
1998 Acquisition of 40% interest in CLF (Italy)
1997 Partial acquisition of ER-Groep
1997 Partial acquisition of NS Infraservices
1994 Acquisition of De Meijer (Belgium)
1992 Acquisition of the activities of Service Technisch Beheer
1984 Acquisition of the activities of Koninklijk Aannemersbedrijf
Woudenberg Ameide BV
1976 Acquisition of Koot’s Bouwbedrijf Zeist BV
1975 Acquisition of Bureau voor architectuur en Projectontwikkeling
Spakenburg BV
1974 Name changed to Strukton Groep
1972 Merger with Christiani & Nielsen (Danish construction company)
1921 Incorporated as NV Het Spoorwegbouwbedrijf
1918 Construction of HGB III (main building 3), now more widely known as
De Inktpot (The Inkpot, Utrecht)

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