Over 2017, Strukton saw absolute CO2 emissions fall by 0.7% compared with 2016.

Related to the operating income, our emissions rose slightly. We are still on course to achieve the objective for the long term: 15% CO2 reduction in 2020 compared with 2009, relating to operating income. However, it is important to take further reduction measures.

Scope 1
Most of the total CO2 footprint is determined by emissions in scope 1. These are emissions which we cause ourselves. In this scope, we saw the overall CO2 emissions rise. An important cause is a rise in the emissions of the lease fleet. As a result of Strukton's changing strategy with a shift from projects to asset management, we are driving more kilometres.

Further reductions
We will continue measures to further reduce our CO2 emissions. Our business mobility is an important factor in this. From January 2018, electric transport will have a permanent place in our mobility regulation. Furthermore, we encourage employees to get out of the car where possible and choose sustainable alternatives like public transport or the bike. We also encourage employees to avoid mobility by meeting via video or Skype and flex working, for example. 

More information about the CO2 emissions and reduction measures is available in the CO2 progress report 2017.

The total emissions took off by 2016 to 47,086 47,426 tonnes of CO2 in tons of CO2 in 2017

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