Smart technology for future-proof healthcare

Healthcare real estate you can rely on. Flexibly adjustable to meet new requirements. And furthermore sustainable and comfortable. That is our core business.

There are more important things to do in hospitals, clinics, clean rooms and laboratories than managing and maintaining these buildings. Patients and research have priority. At the same time the building systems must never be allowed to fail, because lives depend on these systems. This is why it is even more important for the care of the real estate to be in good hands.

Safety and continuity as the highest priorities

Healthcare staff is always on the move. This is why we ensure that the installations that support them always adapt accordingly. With our digital platform PULSE, we monitor the performance of installations, such as lifts, air handling units and heating systems, 24/7. With the insights gained from this data, we perform the right maintenance before a malfunction can occur. We also do this in exceptional situations. We build in a six-tonne MRI scanner or replace the air handling system of an operating theatre, while the provision of healthcare in the next room simply continues.

Installations always work because we perform maintenance well before there are any malfunctions

Flexibility in the service of healthcare

More beds, fewer consultation rooms or an additional CT room. The demand for healthcare is changing and as such the requirements to be met by healthcare real estate as well. Because Strukton Worksphere closely works together with medical suppliers, we think nothing of replacing, relocating or maintaining complex medical installations. By digitally monitoring the utilisation of the building, we are able to advise you how to make optimal use of your rooms and halls. With our digital finger on the pulse, you save room. By planning far in advance, we prevent financial surprises.

By planning far in advance, we prevent financial surprises

Sustainable and affordable healthcare real estate

We understand that the most important healthcare investment is in patients. This is why management and maintenance must continue to be affordable. Even when investments in sustainable measures are required. We therefore plan sustainability – such as replacing installations – at natural times in the long-term maintenance plan. Together we outline an ideal roadmap on the basis of your sustainability targets. Ranging from better energy management to a fully energy-neutral building – regardless of your goals, by planning far in advance, there are no financial surprises.
Ben Alen, manager Healthcare

If you are interested in how Strukton Worksphere can help you make your healthcare real estate sustainable, cost efficient and future proof, contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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If you are interested in discussing how Strukton Worksphere can help you make your healthcare real estate sustainable, cost efficient and future proof, contact me to discuss this.

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