The best care in smart and healthy buildings

Healthy buildings for cure and care. From new build development to operating theatres and installations. From design and construction to smart maintenance, that is our core business.

The health care sector is always developing. Hospitals are becoming more compact, care institutions need new housing forms, and domotics and e-health are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the focus is on the individual wishes and needs of patients and care providers.

We continuously incorporate these wishes in the building design. We use smart technology to ensure that the building responds to modern day demands. Together, we thus ensure the best care in smart and healthy buildings.

What does Strukton Worksphere offer the care sector?

We build healthy buildings for cure and care. From complete new build development to operating theatres and installations. Building, management and smart maintenance is our core business. Our starting point is always the patient or resident. The basis for the design of new build projects and renovation of care institutions is the 'journey' that the patient has to make from home to building. With technology like sensor technology, track and trace systems, apps and robot applications, we make that journey as easy as possible. Whether it is a hospital or mental health care institution.

Reliable and experienced partner

We have knowledge and experience with integral, results-oriented contracts. We therefore know the consequences that design choices will have for 20 or 30 years of operation. We organise facilities processes to be lean. And we save operating costs by focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs).

If we do not have the knowledge in house, we get it from other parties. For example, aviation, civil engineering, hotels and ICT. We thus make the transition to services in the care sector for you. We know the importance of safety, reliability and continuity in this environment. You are good at providing care. We know all about healthy buildings.

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