The optimal working environment, for everyone

Working independent of time, place and devices in a healthy and sustainable office with an opportunity to meet colleagues. We make it happen.
The role of buildings is changing, due to social developments for example. The New Way of Working makes different demands on the structure and design of offices than in the past. There is a need for more task-oriented rooms and spaces to meet each other. Offices can be more efficiently designed, reducing housing costs in the process. Furthermore, improved sustainability is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions. More stringent legislation and regulations demand offices that are energy efficient or even energy neutral. Strukton Worksphere responds creatively to these demands, with flexible housing concepts. We thus maintain the value of your office buildings in the long term. That is a nice idea with a view to promoting the cyclical office market.

Entire lifecycle
We renovate and revitalise office buildings for both commercial and social property. With architectural measures and innovative technologies, we give vacant offices a new life as a flexible office, apartment complex or multifunctional location. And we adapt existing offices to fit The New Way of Working, incorporating sustainability measures. All this while taking the entire lifecycle of the building into account. 

End users are key
With technical management, maintenance of installations and with respect to facilities services, we can help you with digitised technology. Here, the end users of the building are obviously always key. Because a pleasant working environment and a good indoor climate result in higher productivity, better health and lower absenteeism. We manage everything for you with an optimal price/quality ratio. We thus create a pleasant and healthy working and living environment for everyone.

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