Between management and control

A proactive technology company as the director of all data-driven (maintenance) processes. Strukton PULSE is the platform with which Strukton Worksphere makes that connection.

Sustainable building management 

In a growing enterprise, an attractive working environment is of major importance as a means of attracting and retaining the best possible people. This goes hand in hand with the sustainable operation of buildings at the lowest possible cost across their entire service life. Comfort criteria translate into ever higher availability. This optimisation, through means of integrated and data-driven building management, does not just happen by itself.

Data-driven service provision

Strukton PULSE converts the data relating to people, technology and the surroundings into information. Malfunctions are prevented through means of 24/7 monitoring and predicting deviations and behaviour. This at the same time extends service life and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. The result is predictable and personalised service provision. And above all, a comfortable working environment.

Strukton PULSE is a recognised energy monitoring system and as such complies with applicable legislative obligations that went into effect for many buildings on 1 January.

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