Enjoyable learning in a healthy school building

Education needs sustainable housing with lower energy and operating costs. Strukton Worksphere offers solutions.
Schools are increasingly responsible themselves for their housing. However, budgets are often limited. The solution: ensure optimal cross-fertilisation between design, maintenance, management and operation. The use of innovative technology and contract forms makes housing costs better manageable. Another advantage: a significantly lower energy bill.

What does Strukton Worksphere offer education?
Strukton Worksphere is keen to help all educational institutions find the perfect solution for their housing issues. Our strength lies in adding technical and financial knowledge and making buildings more sustainable. In the design, we already take the long-term operating costs into account. Together, we look for the optimal combination of construction form, material and technology.

Healthy climate
To be able to perform well, students need good teachers and good educational materials. As well as fresh air and a pleasant temperature. A healthy indoor climate is important for the learning performance, the well-being and motivation of students. So we like to discuss about and find solutions for everything that impacts on comfort in a classroom. Like the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, for example. We also advise on the arrangement of the rooms, smart use of daylight, ventilation options and the degree of insulation. Together, we thus create a healthy school.
Nieuwbouw Hogeschool Utrecht gereed bij aanvang studiejaar
Case Hogeschool Utrecht

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Nieuwbouw Hogeschool Utrecht gereed bij aanvang studiejaar

Hogeschool Utrecht

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