On 16 January 2013, Strukton Worksphere published its first NEN-ISO 26000 self-declaration. As such Strukton Worksphere was the first installation and construction company in the Netherlands to publish a self-declaration. We update our self-declaration each year.
The self-declaration is available for inspection on this Strukton Worksphere website and on the NEN’s web platform. With the self-declaration, Strukton Worksphere demonstrates it is a transparent company that displays the decisions it makes in relation to corporate social responsibility and how this is substantiated and further detailed.

Seven core themes

In this regard we focus on the 7 ISO 26000 core themes as follows:

1. Organisational governance
2. Human rights
3. Labour practices
4. The environment
5. Fair operating practices
6. Consumer issues
7. Community involvement and development

We consider it important to demonstrate what we are doing in the CSR domain and this way we stress the commitments we make to our customers. Strukton works on the basis of the principle ‘thinking together in terms of service life for projects, people and nature’. We demonstrate this with our self-declaration.

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Read more on this page  about ‘thinking together in terms of service life for projects, people and nature’.

The appendices are only available in Dutch.

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