Data always sustainably available

Our information society needs data to be continuously available. We supply the knowledge and technology for your sustainable server space.
If our internet connection fails, we realise how dependent we are on online information. If we cannot access our data, everything goes wrong in our information society. Particularly with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), whereby devices are connected to the internet. So your data centre must continue to operate in all circumstances. And preferably as energy efficiently as possible, with an eye to sustainability. Strukton Worksphere ensures optimal organisation, management and maintenance of your data centre so that it meets the requirements of this digital age. Because we always design data centres according to the most recent laws and regulations, certification is always possible.

Always accessible

From cooling to power supply, from fire safety to access control - we make sure it all works. With a future-proof design, reliable power supply and uninterrupted cooling, your data traffic never shuts down. Our emergency generators, UPS systems and extra cooling machines keep disasters at bay. With our management system, we monitor the temperature, humidity and energy management 24/7 and you can see exactly what is happening in your server room. You are therefore assured that information is always available when you need it and you are prepared for every situation.

Sustainable and cost-efficient

Strukton Worksphere has extensive experience with data traffic. Furthermore, we are very familiar with the multidisciplinary technology. Together with you, we thus achieve the most sustainable and reliable solution relating to energy efficiency and availability. To reduce energy consumption in data centres, we choose original and innovative solutions. For example, we cool the data centre of the Stadhuis-Muziektheater in Amsterdam with water from the river Amstel. We are constantly exploring the market for new technologies, such as cooling systems with free cooling. Where possible, we generate energy sustainably and reuse the energy that is released. In this way, we make your data centre sustainable, reliable and cost efficient.

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