Railway tracks

After walking and cycling, rail transport ranks third on the list of most sustainable modes of transport, so not surprisingly, it has a promising future.

Doing maintenance work

Do you want to help us make the railway transport available every day? And do you want to use innovative technologies to do this? Then we should team up. In our day-to-day maintenance practice, we continuously work on new technologies to render maintenance predictable. Professionals with expert knowledge are indispensable to make this happen. Maintenance, after all, includes all maintenance, from sleepers to switches, cables, lines and signals. And let’s not forget the power supply for the railway systems, the greenery along the tracks and the overhead lines. Whether it is cold or sweltering hot, early or late, the hard workers of Strukton Rail are on the job. They are our railway heroes!

What does this mean for you? In the first place, that there are many opportunities. You could be a technician or a contractor for one of the specialist fields above. Or what about a planning officer, a contract secretary, or an official responsible for infrastructure? You make the future possible, for yourself, for Strukton Rail and for all train passengers in the Netherlands.

Working on projects

Do you like innovation and variation? Participate in our projects, in which you cooperate with the best professionals and our own machinery.

This means you work on exciting projects as a railway hero. But not only that: you also work on yourself, for the projects we entrust you with are complex and your colleagues are real experts. So every working day (or night) you become better and better. 

Be a railway hero who helps millions of people reach their destination.

Curious about all opportunities?

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