Career on the right track

At Strukton Rail, you work on innovation, workmanship and safety, as well as on yourself. Do you want to join us?
We are one of the biggest rail contractors in the world. This means that our colleagues can benefit from excellent opportunities. With over 3,000 colleagues we work on the coolest projects in various countries. Our projects have a major impact on society.

If you work at Strukton Rail, you contribute to ensuring that the trains can keep on running, safely and on time. Many people take this for granted, but our professionals do their utmost every day to make it happen. How? By:


Whenever possible, we prefer to do things ourselves, and we need the best people for this. This is why we invest in developing our employees’ workmanship. Certification, education and development are daily practice for every colleague. We give you the opportunities, you seize them with both hands.


Our work is becoming more and more data-driven. Do you know that we can predict failures two weeks ahead with 95% certainty? We are also able to robotise an increasing percentage of our work, keeping our colleagues fit and energetic until they retire. Innovations are therefore use to make the railway as well as our people future-proof.


The responsibility is our joint responsibility. You take ownership of your work and get every chance to plan your work (or working hours), in mutual consultation, as well as the details of your work. You can bring some variation into your activities, as long as you keep on track.


Safety is probably the most important aspect. Everything we do is focused on ensuring that everybody returns home safe and sound after a hard day’s or night’s work. This can only be achieved if we work with joy, safely, and in a healthy and sensible manner. 


Together with our colleagues, our partners and our customer, we can make a difference. We connect and cooperate. We connect not only places, but also colleagues and customers. We operate internationally and always have a local presence. The connection is strong and the team spirit keen.

State-of-the-art machinery

If you think it does not get any better, think again, because we have our own machinery. This is quite unique. With our own employees and equipment, we continuously work on railway improvement.


Put your career on the right track

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