ZKL 3000 RC creates safe working environment

The ZKL 3000 RC is installed once on all tracks. At the push of a button, the railway is taken out of, and put back into, service. Fast and safe.

Safety guaranteed

The Self-Detecting Shunt Bar 3000 Remote Control (ZKL 3000 RC) enables authorised railway staff to take the railway out of service in a controlled manner. This way they create a safe working environment for themselves and others. A worker only needs to install the shunt bar on the railway once. After this, without having to go out onto the railway, he/she can switch the railway section on and off within a few seconds. Easy to do using an app on a smartphone or tablet.

When the ZKL 3000 RC is activated, the system simulates the presence of a train in the railway section. This way it creates an ‘occupied railway’ message, causing the signals to change to red. The section is immediately blocked to train traffic, after which railway workers can carry out their work safely and efficiently.

Time is money

Especially for major activities, workers at times are required to manually install and remove more than thirty shunt bars at night in order to secure their workplace on the railway. With the remotely controllable ZKL 3000 RC, this is no longer necessary. This saves a great deal of time. The gain in time on average is twenty percent and can run up to as much as fifty percent. This means that more work can be performed in the same period of time. As a result, the railway is available for transport that much faster.


"The gain in time on average is twenty percent and can run up to as much as fifty percent"

MTinfo 3000 Cloud brings IoT solutions together

Ready two weeks earlier

The British railway operator Network Rail used the ZKL 3000 RC along the Leeds - Manchester route. This freed up one hour of additional working time each night. As a result, the work was ready two weeks earlier than planned. The ZKL 3000 RC automatically set the signals to red without the need for a worker to go out onto the railway.

Good for the environment

The ZKL 3000 RC is also good for the environment. When workers are required to manually install and remove shunt bars along a route in the Province of Zeeland or the Province of Groningen, this requires a lot of kilometres driven by car, with the associated CO2 emissions. This is no longer required when the ZKL 3000 RC is installed.  

Additional cloud options

In addition to creating a safe working environment, the ZKL 3000 RC can also collect data. The only thing that is needed for this is to install a wireless link between the shunt bars and the MTinfo 3000 cloud platform. Aside from linking the shunt bars, you can also digitally link the instructions during a project’s work planning process. This provides you with an even better grip on the working environment. In addition to this, the ZKL 3000 RC also contains a black box that can be read from the cloud environment using an app and a web page. 



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