Cameras see more than the human eye

Recognise deviations at an early stage with automated image recognition instead of the human eye. That is what our Video Track Inspector does.

Track defects not only result in delays, but they also result in irritated passengers. This is why maintenance is of major importance for a properly operating railway network. The Video (or Digital) Track Inspector plays an important role in this. It replaces the traditional inspections of objects by video data analysis combined with artificial intelligence, algorithms and domain knowledge.

Sensors and cameras see more than the human eye

The Video Track Inspector involves trains full of sensors and cameras driving along the tracks. The trains inspect switches, rails and overhead lines. The system used to collect and process the images automatically tracks down images on which there appears a deviation or defect. For example missing insulation at an isolated rail joint between rails (IRJ weld). The algorithm subsequently indicates whether maintenance is needed immediately or at some time in the future. With the help of the domain knowledge of a maintenance engineer, the Video Track Inspector learns to increasingly better predict the service life of the objects involved.


"The Video Track Inspector produces significant savings, sometimes up to twenty percent"

Faster, safer and cheaper inspections

In the Netherlands, the tracks incorporate over sixty thousand IRJ welds. A defect can easily cause a signal and switch malfunction. The Video Track Inspector makes it easier, safer and faster to continuously inspect these objects. After all, the human eye does not see everything. The rail inspection trains drive in-between regularly scheduled trains. This means it is no longer necessary to put the tracks out of service. As a result, the Video Track Inspector produces significant savings, sometimes up to twenty percent.

Extra Control Centre service

The Video Track Inspector is connected to our Control Centre. On the basis of the collected data, the Control Centre will immediately supply you with an analysis that you can use to despatch your maintenance team to solve the problem. Because preventing a malfunction is better than repairing a malfunction.

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