Sun Guard prevents buckled rail

Direct sunshine on the rails will heat up the rails, leading to a high risk of track buckling. Sun Guard reduces this risk.
Track buckling is a serious risk when it comes to safe rail transport. On warm days, rails in direct sunshine will expand as they heat up. They cannot expand lengthwise, so the only way-out is sideways. This leads to the well-known buckled rails. This causes serious disruption. If a section of track is judged to be at risk, local speed restrictions are introduced. Sometimes a line must be closed. Or, worse, trains may derail. Track buckling is unsafe and causes high, unexpected maintenance costs.

"Direct sunshine on the rails will heat up the rails, leading to a high risk of track buckling. Sun Guard reduces this risk"

Reduce the risk

Strukton Rail applies Sun Guard to reduce the risk. Sun Guard is a system applying a special paint at both sides of the rails at a speed of up to 30 km/h. This solution reflects 85% of the UV rays and reduces the rail temperature by 5-8 degrees Celsius. This is sufficient to prevent the rails from buckling. We even reached a 10 degrees Celsius temperature reduction during a pilot project.

We guarantee the effectiveness of the paint during one year. Sun Guard applies the paint at the base and the web of the rail. It does not spray the head of the rail, since that might have negative impact on the traction and the train protection system.


  • No unsafe situations, disruption or delay due to track buckling
  • No impact on train protection system and traction
  • Preventive solution
  • Paint spraying is done during the night, without interfering train service
  • The paint is biodegradable and harmless to the rails
  • The costs can be determined in advance: one application per year will suffice
  • No unexpected maintenance costs due to track buckling
  • Suitable for both heavy rail and light rail
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