Strukton Network Scan provides insight

The Strukton Network Scan provides insight into the actual condition of tracks, switches and overhead lines. Manual work can be kept to a minimum.

Trains won’t run without well-functioning infrastructure. Switches, track and overhead contact wires must be 100%-reliable to meet customer demands on busy railways. The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure 100% availability of infrastructure components, which usually have a service life of several decades.

From data to maintenance information

Data is the key to successful maintenance. Measuring is the key to knowledge. This is where the Strukton Network Scan comes in. The Strukton Network Scan provides a complete and automated solution for live inspection without the need of labour-intensive and unsafe work to collect data manually.

Multiple layers of the inspection data collected are superimposed. Users can see in detail whether and where any maintenance is required. An analysis of this data by learning algorithms and Strukton specialists with domain knowledge can retrace the cause of wear and predict future maintenance. The analysis is provided both in text and in images. Users can consult their ‘digital track’ on a 24/7 basis in their own online GIS environment. The video images are retrievable in the same environment.

Maintenance teams consequently use the information to get to work. The maintenance is recorded in the maintenance management system that provides feedback to all steps in the smart maintenance process. This creates better insight into what the network needs.

The result: maximum availability and reliability, and effective cost management.

"Switches, track and overhead contact wires must be 100%-reliable to meet customer demands on busy railways."

Strukton Wire Scan

The Strukton Wire Scan is an overhead catenary system (OCS) wire survey solution, providing a complete and automated solution for live (energised) contact-wire inspection. Its technology is based on non-contact measurement principles. The wire scan inspects

  • the thickness and lateral position of all types of live contact wires
  • the contact wire height and dynamics (measured simultaneously)

The scan works with the highest accuracy and fully automatic at high speed (up to 25 different wires at a time).

Strukton Track Scan

The Track Scan measures the condition of the tracks. This includes rail wear and track geometry, sleepers (fractures and positioning), rail fasteners (defect, loose, missing) and the ballast bed (depth and contamination). The measurements are accurate, objective and reproducable.

Strukton Switch Scan

The Strukton Switch Scan checks the same parameters as the Strukton Track Scan, but then for switches. A switch is a more complex object with moving parts, smaller tolerances and higher maintenance intensity.

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