Rail treatment without heat, sparks and particulate matter. The Mobile Cutting Unit (MCU) introduces a ground-breaking rail maintenance method.

Rail Restore’s Mobile Cutting Unit (MCU) is a perfect alternative for conventional rail grinding. The unit cleans, grinds and cuts rails with a six-nozzle water jet machine. The cutting nozzles produce water jets as thin as needles at 4,000 bar (twice the speed of sound). The MCU can be deployed on a condition-driven basis by linking it to the data produced by inspection trains.

Multi-purpose use

The MCU can be used in a wide variety of ways. This includes reprofiling, polishing and cleaning rails, removing mill scale and removing burrs in curves – the MCU does it all without any problems and with unparalleled precision.

Use of water

The MCU cleans the rail surface at very high pressure without corroding the surface. Rust, grease and cellulose are quickly and thoroughly removed. The addition of a tiny amount of sand can boost the effectiveness of the process in the case of extreme contamination. The sand is immediately recaptured, thus preventing the ballast from becoming contaminated. The unit carries 3,000 litres of ordinary tap water with no further active substances onboard. The consumption of 1 litre for every 10 metres allows a large operating radius. The use of water prevents the rails from heating up. An additional benefit of the use of water is that no sparks will be formed that might cause verge fires.

"The lifespan of the rails can be extended, since the procedure can often be repeated"

Deployable anywhere

The MCU is mounted on a truck, self-driven and can locally access the railway. This enables a great deal of flexibility and makes it possible to treat rails anywhere. The MCU can also be used in the vicinity of nature preserves, in tunnels, on bridges and close to the chemical industry since no sparks will be formed.

Extend lifespan

The MCU very precisely removes a minimal layer. The lifespan of the rails can be extended, since the procedure can often be repeated. This yields cost savings due to deferred rail replacement. Passengers also benefit from this new method. The MCU has proven to be effective in removing the formation of cellulose (the notorious ‘leaves on the rails’ phenomenon in the autumn). In addition, contaminants on the rails, such as wheel flange lubricant and rust can be effectively removed with the MCU. This increases railway availability.

"The lifespan of the rails can be extended, since the procedure can often be repeated"


Treating rails with the MCU technology is environment-friendly. The MCU only uses tap water and sand, significantly reduces particulate matter, and has extremely low CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the sand spent and the metal grindings are captured to prevent them from ending up in the environment. Another sustainability benefit is that the rails last much longer, which saves raw materials. Furthermore, the process does not require any grinding stones. This results in a 100% CO2 reduction in comparison with conventional rail grinders.


Rail cutting in practice

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