Inspecting with predictive value

As a European market leader, we measure everything along the railway and collect valuable data. This way we improve your railway operations.

Strukton Rail’s Eurailscout Inspection & Analysis is expert at inspecting everything along the railway, such as rails, track geometry, overhead lines, switches and signals. We are a market leader in Europe in this area. By having inspection trains drive along the railway in a realistic situation, we collect valuable data that provides insight into the railway’s condition.

Inspection down to the asset level

We inspect everything with a wide range of measuring systems and sensors. Everything starts by determining your needs. The information you need and how you intend to manage the maintenance. We provide you, as railway operator, with the desired information down to the individual asset level. This makes it possible to align maintenance with specific situations without lapsing into, often wasteful, standard maintenance cycles.

"Everything starts by determining your needs. The information you need and how you intend to manage the maintenance."

Saving on maintenance

We use line scan cameras to conduct the rail inspections. Our smart inspection trains are available in various configurations. Such as the SIM, a switch inspection vehicle that combines geometry inspections, switch inspections and video scans into a single efficient inspection trip. However, inspection trains and other sensors along the railway are only the means. The objective is to collect data. The result: cost-effective maintenance on the basis of predictive data.

Improved business operations

Predictive data-driven maintenance not only reduces costs, but it also improves the availability of assets and equipment. This way, smart maintenance reduces the number of malfunctions and improves the quality and safety of transport for passengers. As such, inspections and measurements form the indispensable basis for improved railway operations.

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