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There is a growing need for energy on railways, while it must be cleaner and more sustainable. Our energy supply offers a solution.

The need for energy by railways is growing. Modern trains are becoming increasingly more powerful. Auxiliary systems, such as climate control, require more energy and furthermore, the number of trains is growing to meet the increasing demand for transport. This is confronting infrastructure managers and railway operators with an issue: how to meet the growing demand for energy and at the same time keep energy consumption within limits.

Energy measures

Railway operators would like to reduce energy consumption. Not only with a view to the electricity bill, but also with a view to the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. Strukton Energievoorziening offers solutions for railways by developing and building systems that save on electricity, recover energy and sustainably generate energy. As a full service provider, we understand the entire energy chain. This enables us to help our customers create cohesion among their measures.

"By critically making the complete energy chain sustainable, we reduce costs and furthermore reduce the environmental impact."

Rural areas

Sustainability can be achieved in several ways. Strukton Energievoorziening internationally works for infrastructure managers and railway operators that would like to replace polluting diesels with sustainable, electric trains. Especially rural areas benefit from our electric and hybrid solutions.

Braking energy

When modern trains brake, they produce energy. Only part of the energy is fed back into the overhead lines for use by other trains. We offer various solutions for using energy that would otherwise be lost. This makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 5% to 10%. We are also working on hybrid systems that stabilise fluctuating energy sources by storing braking energy in batteries.

Complete energy chain

Ultimately, we are proposing a win-win for railway operators: after personnel costs, energy is the largest cost item. By critically making the complete energy chain sustainable, we reduce costs and furthermore reduce the environmental impact. This way we combine growth and sustainability objectives.
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