Replacement 17 bridges Noorderzijlvest water board

  • Client waterschap Noorderzijlvest
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Groningen en Drenthe
  • Status In Progress
Brug Dieftil | Provincie Groningen

Safe and sustainable/circular bridges in Groningen and Drenthe In the Noorderzijlvest water board area (Groningen and Drenthe), seventeen bridges were due for replacement/upgrade. In a construction team with Noorderzijlvest and Royal Haskoning DHV and together with contractor consortium Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost/Oosterhof-Holman we started with the replacement or upgrade of both pedestrian/cycle bridges as well as road bridges. Some of these bridges are also heritage-listed. As well as safety, the construction team is focusing on circularity. The bridges will be realised within a framework contract between 2020 - 2023.

Modular construction results in minimum transport movements

Brug Dieftil | Provincie Groningen

Framework contract based on water board sustainability policy

Noorderzijlvest water board’s sustainability policy forms the basis for replacing the bridges. The construction team will produce the designs using the principles of circular construction as far as possible.

As well as reusing materials or construction elements, we also aim to limit transport movements. This entails modular elements being constructed in the factory and assembled on location.

Measures to reduce inconvenience Works always result in inconvenience. We try to minimise this inconvenience as far as possible, by ensuring that local residents and other involved parties are kept informed via such measures as drop-in meetings and newsletters. These measures inform those involved of the nature of the work and any diversions.

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