BIM-based engineering of hybrid operating theatre

  • Client Spaarne Gasthuis
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Haarlem
  • Status In Progress
Spaarne Gasthuis - aanzicht buitenzijde

Virtual construction: all potential conflicts clearly identified in advance Strukton Worksphere decided to use BIM to engineer a hybrid operating theatre for the Spaarne Gasthuis hospital in Haarlem. This method of working clearly identifies the potential areas of conflict in the design before actual implementation. This is a smart way of working in an ageing building with limited as-built renovation documentation. This gives a grip on construction costs and planning at an early stage.

Virtual construction means being 100% certain that what has been designed can indeed be implemented.


The plan for the hybrid operating theatre, where conventional operating practices converge with imaging x-ray technology, requires high precision in part due to the medical equipment. If discrepancies only become evident during construction, this can result in considerable additional costs and delays.

Open and transparent in advance, no surprises after the fact
The Spaarne Gasthuis hospital in Haarlem is a dated building. As a result, the as-built documentation of past renovations is not entirely reliable. This increases the probability that there will be surprises during a renovation. This is why Strukton Worksphere decided to first conduct a 3D scan to map out all the walls and ceilings. The design was based on this information, which meant that we were certain to be working on the basis of the actual situation. Aside from potential conflicts with the steel structure, the 3D scan also provided insight into the limited space above the ceilings, where the required installations that, for example, monitor the pressure hierarchy in the various rooms are hidden.
This approach also made it easier to reach agreement with the customer. By using Davilux, the project team was literally able to take the hospital’s facilities management staff along into the design, and this way enabled them to experience what the rooms and the medical facilities were going to look like.
All in all the 3D design and estimates resulted in a detailed implementation design with a totally realistic cost. The openness and transparency associated with this approach were a reason for the customer to consider using this method of working for subsequent large-scale renovation and new development projects as well.
Sector-wide 3D development Due to the indisputable benefits of virtual building, increasingly more customers are using it as the starting point for their projects. This means that all cooperating partners must share information in 3D in order to be able to complete the virtual design.
For the Spaarne Gasthuis hospital this not only applies to Strukton Worksphere as coordinating engineer, but also to the suppliers of, for example, the steel structure, light hangers, plenum and the medical equipment. This way virtual building is becoming the new normal: an unstoppable, sector-wide development resulting in increasingly more efficient designs and planning.

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