New N733 roundabout in Municipality of Enschede

  • Client Provincie Overijssel
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location N733_Oude Deventerweg-Landweerweg
  • Status In Progress
N733_Oude Deventerweg-Landweerweg

Safe and well-organised situation following redesign of N733 intersection The intersection between Oldenzaal and Lonneker at Oude Deventerweg and Landweerweg on the N733 in the Municipality Enschede was extremely busy and confusing. This has now changed following the redesign of the intersection into a roundabout with separate cycle paths. The new roundabout was constructed some 60 metres to the north of the former intersection.

The N733 provincial road remained open during the works

N733_Oude Deventerweg-Landweerweg


Oude Deventerweg and Landweerweg were redirected to create a safe and well-organised traffic situation. Reinforced concrete was used in the new roundabout construction, as stipulated by the Province of Overijssel.

The advantage of a reinforced concrete roundabout is that fewer joints are needed, which is a low-maintenance option.

A reinforced concrete roundabout can also withstand high traffic intensities as well as heavy vehicles and has a long service life.

We started by breaking up the existing road surface, erecting a new bus stop, excavating and redirecting the verges and culverts, removing and reinstalling the street lighting as well as all other associated works.

The N733 stayed open throughout the works, as a bypass was introduced for traffic.

Considering the local environment A lot of consideration was given to the environment during the works. Protected animal species are found in this area, including the yellow-necked mouse and great crested newt. Parts of the area were cordoned off and natural materials were introduced to enable the animals to make their new habitat here. We also took into account archaeological and remediation works that needed to take place in this area.

As Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost we worked closely on this project with Poppink, Kruse Sanering, Co Hartog Openbare verlichting and H&S transport.

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