Soil research for traffic information signs

  • Client Van Rens Mobiliteit
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Amsterdam
  • Status Delivered
Soil analysis traffic signs Amsterdam

Determination of soil quality at 111 locations in the centre of Amsterdam For the placement of signposts in the centre of Amsterdam, the soil quality was determined in advance at 111 locations. The aim of the study is to determine the health and safety and environmental-technical measures for the placing of the traffic signs. The investigation was carried out in accordance with the NEN5725 and the Amsterdam Guideline for Exploratory Research.

The traffic information signs have been placed in accordance with protocol 7004 with the associated safety measures.

Soil analysis traffic signs Amsterdam

Soil research for placing signposts


It was established at eleven locations that additional occupational health and safety and environmental measures were necessary for the placement of the signs, as a result of various contaminants found in the soil. These traffic information signs were placed under the supervision of Strukton Milieutechniek in accordance with protocol 7004 and the associated safety measures.

In samenwerking met ons zusterbedrijf Van Rens Mobiliteit zijn de grondroerende werkzaamheden voor het plaatsen van de bewegwijzeringsborden conform de richtlijn CROW, publicatie 400 ´Werken in en met verontreinigde bodem´, veilig, zorgvuldig en risicogestuurd uitgevoerd.
This project is one of the examples that reinforces the Strukton slogan 'Samen Sterk'.

Samen Sterk! The CROW publication 400 sets requirements for the required research effort to determine the risks and measures for responsible earthmoving. The publication secures both the working conditions technical requirements based on the Working Conditions Decree and the environmental technical requirements from the Soil Protection Act when working with contaminated soil.

In order to limit the nuisance to the surrounding area and to carry out the work safely, a large part of the research and placement of the signs was carried out at night.

Strukton Milieutechniek specialises in soil investigation, advice and remediation and our sister company Van Rens Mobiliteit specialises in the design and realisation of signposts. As Strukton, we have been able to combine our disciplines into a successful safe and responsible project. One of the examples that reinforces the Strukton slogan 'Samen Sterk'.

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