Soil remediation Kortendijk 2 in Nieuw-Vossemeer

  • Client Province of North Brabant
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Nieuw-Vossemeer
  • Status Delivered

A soil remediation with various contaminants Discharge of pesticides into a rinsing well and leakage from underground tanks has resulted in soil contamination at the location. Contamination with arsenic and pesticides and contamination with oil and volatile aromatics (BTEXN). In addition, contamination with asbestos is also present. It is up to Strukton Milieutechniek to clean up the contamination.

As a result of the remediation activities, the location is suitable for "living with a garden" and ground-connected houses placed.


Soil remediation Nieuw-Vossemeer


The work consisted removing existing paving, vegetation, underground foundations and other obstacles. Subsequently, the highly contaminated soil was excavated and drained and the groundwater extracted, purified and discharged into the surface water. Subsequently, the excavation was completed, a semi-pavement was applied and the site cleared.

The soil decontamination has been carried out safely, in accordance with current legislation and regulations, without complaints from the surrounding area and despite major deviations, within the set schedule. As a result of the remediation work carried out, the location is suitable for "living with a garden" and ground-connected homes can be built.  
By proactive action and good agreements, the inconvenience to the environment is kept to a minimum.

Act proactively The remediation work was carried out in the built-up area. By acting proactively and making good agreements, Strukton Milieutechniek has kept inconvenience to the surrounding area to a minimum. This included diversion routes for means of transport, adapted working hours and work instructions for all parties involved.

In addition, Strukton Milieutechniek made use of local subcontractors, so that it acted quickly and skilfully in the event of deviations and changes.

Before the start of the work, the expected deviations and risks (including those relating to the processing and costs of the contaminated soil) were shared with the client and agreements were made about their handling. As a result, the work was carried out, despite major deviations, without major discussions and within schedule.

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