• Client Municipality of Horst aan de Maas
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Horst aan de Maas
  • Status Delivered
Remediation Horst aan de Maas

Soil and groundwater remediation former drug lab after soil investigation At a location in the municipality of Horst on the Maas, a drug lab and associated chemical storage facility were found. After removing and disposing of the chemicals found, Strukton Milieutechniek carried out an exploratory and further soil investigation. These investigations revealed soil and groundwater contamination with acetone and 2-propanol as a result of the production of hard drugs. Subsequently, soil remediation was carried out, removing the paving, vegetation and underground foundations present, excavating and removing the highly contaminated soil and supplementing the excavation with clean sand. This was followed by groundwater remediation. The groundwater extracted was discharged into the Groote Molenbeek after purification.

The statutory duty of care has been met, after which the site is once again suitable for its original use.

Remediation Horst aan de Maas

Ground- and groundwater remediation municipality of Horst aan de Maas


By means of soil investigation, the extent of the contamination was mapped out, as well as the parameters that are important for the approach and costs of remediation. Subsequently, the contamination of soil and groundwater was removed. The statutory duty of care was met and the site was once again suitable for its original use.

The work was carried out in the town centre, with limited inconvenience to the surrounding area.

Maximum unburdening of the client By taking care of the entire process of research, design, budgeting, permits and notifications and realisation, Strukton Milieutechniek has taken maximum care of the client, while achieving a maximum result at minimum cost. Important aspects in this process were a customised Water Law permit for the discharge of the treated water, the consideration of several remediation variants and the application, in addition to regular soil remediation, of an intermittent extraction regime with buffering to achieve a specific flow dynamics in the soil for groundwater remediation.

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