Control measure EMK site Krimpen aan de IJssel

  • Client DCMR
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Krimpen aan de IJssel
  • Status Delivered
EMK terrain

Soil remediation of one of the most contaminated sites in the Netherlands The location is one of the most severely contaminated sites in the Netherlands. In the "Kleine Gifatlas van Nederland" (Minor Poison Atlas of the Netherlands) (Vrij Nederland, 19 March 1983) the site is ranked number 1 in the "poison top thirty". At the end of the 1980s the site was remediated, with the contamination being insulated by applying a sheet piling and a covering layer. The history and remediation of the site is also described in detail in the booklet "De Grote Schoonmaak" (Province of Zuidholland, January 1991). In addition, a groundwater management and purification system has been installed to prevent further spread of pollution via the groundwater. In recent years, Strukton Milieutechniek has taken care of groundwater management and purification, including various additional activities such as maintenance and management of the entire site and control of the sheet piling.

By managing the outdoor space on the site, the site has been kept in good condition.


Through active extraction, purification and discharge of groundwater at the site, the groundwater level inside the sheet piling pit has been kept lower than outside, so that the contaminants, including pocket and floating layers, have not spread to the surrounding area, including the adjacent surface water (Sliksloot and Hollandse IJssel). In addition, the management of the outdoor area on the site, the site (paving, sheet piling, greenery, fencing, sewerage, etc.) has kept it in good condition. 

Because of chemical and biological reactions in the soil, additional measures have been taken.

Additional measures Due to the cocktail of contaminants on the site, chemical and biological reactions took place in the soil and purification. In connection with this, extra measures were taken during the extraction and purification process with regard to the purification process and safety, such as Atex zoning and continuous air quality measurements (e-nose). In addition, due to changes in groundwater levels inside and outside the sheet pile pit, the extraction flow rate has been adjusted several times to keep the groundwater level inside the sheet pile pit lower than outside.

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