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  • Location Moerdijk
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Shell Moerdijk rioolherstel

Reliable and safe repair of wastewater pipes with minimal inconvenience Strukton Civiel has installed a 2.1-kilometre new watertight pipeliner in a 50-year-old concrete sewer pipe in the Moerdijk port area. The choice of this modern technology has increased the reliability and lifespan of the pipeline. The inconvenience to neighbouring companies on the Westelijke Randweg has also been kept to a minimum. These repairs to the Shell Moerdijk wastewater pipeline are almost complete.

Modern technology increases the life span and reliability of the wastewater line

Luchtfoto Shell Moerdijk

Shell Moerdijk Chemical Plant

Waste water disposal

The rehabilitated waste water line discharges waste water from the Shell Moerdijk chemicals site to the processing plant of the Brabantse Delta Water Board. The 4.1 km sewerage system constructed during the construction of the chemical plant discharges an average of 400 cubic metres of waste water per hour. In special cases this can amount to approximately 700 cubic metres per hour. The pipeline transports lightly polluted water varying from rainwater fallen inside the chemicals site to water that is released during the various production processes.

In February 2019, part of the pipeline was taken out of operation when, during maintenance, it was found that replacement was necessary. For that part, a temporary diversion was constructed at the time. Closer inspection revealed that parts of the old concrete pressure pipeline with a diameter of 600 mm had to be replaced. The application of a so-called 'reliner' of glass fibre reinforced epoxy GRE was chosen. This material is pulled through the pipe and inflated so that the liner is against the inside of the pipe, like an inner tube against the outer tube of a bicycle wheel. The material is then treated with ultraviolet light, cures the GRE and forms a hard, waterproof 'inner tube' with a thickness of 5 mm.
Testimonial Shell Moerdijk
We chose Strukton because of their experience with this type of relining

Hans Verheyde, Shell Moerdijk

Limited inconvenience The installation of the new pipeliner has been done in parts. A total of 14 excavations were carried out for cleaning and sawing through the old sewer pipe. From these pits 13 separate liners were installed with a length of between 150 and 210 metres. The individual parts were glued together with an inspection pit in between. This approach meant that no major excavation work was required, so that the inconvenience to the surrounding businesses could be limited.

Strukton Civiel is the main contractor on this project and directs the various contractors and activities. The location of the sewer in Moerdijk along a watercourse and a railway makes the working environment complex. Furthermore, there are additional challenges in working during corona time within the safety regime of Shell - that for this project is no different than on the chemicals site itself. Strukton Civiel also has experience in other places with the application of such liners in the industrial sector. Precisely the directing role and working within strict safety requirements make this project a good fit for Strukton Civiel.

The total length of the Shell wastewater system is over 4 kilometres. In the coming period Shell will also inspect the remaining part of the pipeline on the Shell site to see if further renovation of the old concrete pipe is necessary.

*Photography: Shell Moerdijk

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