• Client SABIC Innovative Plastics B.V.
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Bergen op Zoom
  • Status Delivered
SABIC hydrant pipeline

When the system was overhauled, 225 metres of existing hydrant pipe was replaced On the site of SABIC Innovative Plastics B.V., a complete overhaul of the hydrant system, in parts, is taking place. Over the past decades, the existing hydrant system has been phased in and expanded with the use of various materials such as GRE (glass fibre reinforced epoxy) and (cemented and non-cemented) cast iron. Due to the age (approx. 40 years) of the system, bolted connections and flanges have been damaged and parts need replacing.

The continuity of Sabic's activities is safeguarded by the correct coordination of the activities with the client.

SABIC hydrant pipeline

Revision hydrant system SABIC


During the overhaul of the system, the project replaced the existing hydrant pipe (225 metres), including 14 hydrants with pre-fill valves, of which 2 on the pipeline and 12 elsewhere on the site. At some of these locations, the branches on the main pipeline have also been replaced due to leakage. The pipelines are fitted with various sectional gate valves. The old cast iron pipeline has been replaced by a GRE pipeline, fitted with tensile-resistant connections.

The hydrant line has been replaced over a length of 225 metres by a GRE line, including 14 hydrants. The advantage of GRE piping is that it is highly chemically resistant. After the overhaul, the system again complies with current requirements and standards (including those of the insurance company) and can be used effectively in the event of any calamities on site.
Safety is guaranteed at all times by taking various measures.

Measures In connection with safety, the following measures, among others, have been taken: various work permits, traffic measures, ground barriers and manhole and hot work watches. The following measures have been taken to prevent damage to cables and pipelines: KLIC reporting, trial trenches, manual and phased excavation and replenishment and temporarily decommissioning and supporting cables and pipelines. Asbestos may have been present at a number of locations; an inventory was carried out here, but no asbestos was found. In order to be able to work in the dry, a drainage system was used. The availability of the extinguishing water system was ensured by installing by-passes and temporary connections. The work was coordinated and planned in consultation with Sabic, so that the continuity of Sabic's activities was guaranteed.

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