Preparing Groningen for more passengers

  • Client ProRail
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Groningen
  • Status In Progress

More and more people are travelling from and via Groningen Main Station. Every day, around 33,000 people get on or off a train in Groningen and it is estimated that the number of passengers will grow to 44,000 by 2030. To prepare Groningen for the future, major works are being carried out at and around the station.

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Groningen Main Station is one of the most important stations in northern Netherlands. More than 33,000 passengers use this station on a daily basis. It is estimated that this number will grow to around 44,000 passengers by 2030. To enable this increase, Strukton will work on improving train connections from and to Groningen in the coming years. Several other stations will also undergo changes to make connections with other forms of public transport easier, faster and more convenient.

What changes will be made?
To facilitate the growing number of passengers, various works will be carried out at and around the railway station. 

The tracks between Groningen Main Station and Groningen Europapark Station will undergo rigorous changes. The former trainyard south of the railway station will be relocated to a new area called “De Vork”, on the outskirts of the city. This will create room for a fourth railway track between the stations, allowing for more trains. In addition, regional trains and NS trains will have their own rail network, enabling them to enter and leave the station more easily.
Groningen Europapark Station and Groningen Main Station will also undergo changes. Groningen Europapark Station will have an extra platform so that trains from Leeuwarden, Delfzijl and Roodeschool can also stop here. In addition, Groningen Main Station will undergo a major transformation. Three tunnels will be built beneath the station for passengers, cyclists and buses. These tunnels will be accessible 24 hours a day and will improve the connection between the Rivierenbuurt district and the city centre. Trees will also be planted and the historic vault heads will be given a more prominent place.

What will be the result after completion? The laying of new tracks will allow more trains to travel from and to Groningen. In addition, the changes to Groningen Main Station will provide better public transport connections to the city. The aim of these changes is to ensure that Groningen remains accessible in the future and that it can facilitate the growing number of passengers.

A successful track construction week in Groningen

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