New production line for smart process

  • Client Coöperatie De Valk Wekerom
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Meppel
  • Status Delivered
De Valk Wekerom

Two plants under a single roof A smart organic livestock feed production line alongside the existing livestock feed production line. This is what livestock feed supplier De Valk Wekerom wanted. And could the existing line operate during construction? Of course. Strukton Worksphere’s experienced technicians installed an innovative organic livestock feed line, while keeping the processes in the rest of the plant going. The result is two strictly separated plants under a single roof with even greater output and efficiency.

Our experienced technicians installed an innovative organic livestock feed line, while existing processes in the plant kept operating.

Aan het werk bij De Valk Wekerom

De Valk Wekerom, in Lunteren and Meppel, annually produces 255,000 tonnes livestock feed for poultry, cattle, goat and pig farmers. Third parties supplied the organic feed, but due to increasing demand, it was to be brought in-house. This is now possible with the organic production line.

Experience with electrical engineering and instrumentation (E&I) pays off
Our technicians constructed the new organic line based on their experience with streamlining production processes in the Food & Feed sector. With their E&I knowledge, they efficiently adjusted the new line’s roller, hammer mill, mixer and pressing systems. As a result, production is fast, sustainable and effective. 
Furthermore, we installed the organic line’s control systems in the same room as the regular line. The touchscreens used to operate the line are easy to use. As a result, relatively few additional staff had to be hired to operate the new line. Finally, the line is structured such that it can accommodate the expected growth in future demand. 
Logistics Challenge We not only assisted De Valk Wekerom in keeping the existing production line running, but we also used parts from that line for the new organic line. At the same time we kept the organic production line strictly separated from the regular line during construction. This way we met the strict organic feed requirements.

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