• Client Municipality of Moerdijk
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Zevenbergen
  • Status In Progress
Haven Zevenbergen

Reopening De Roode Vaart and redevelopment Markt Zevenbergen In Zevenbergen the water returns to the port in the city centre. Strukton Civiel Zuid was commissioned by the municipality of Moerdijk in combination with Van den Herik to reopen the river De Roode Vaart and redevelop the market square (Markt). A project with an impulse for the centre of Zevenbergen, tourism in the region and fresh water supplies in West Brabant and Zeeland.

The port is going to look beautiful and fresh water is coming in. We will build a total of five bridges across the port: one suitable for cars, two for cyclists and pedestrians and two small footbridges. There will also be two staircases - near the Markt and the Haveneind-, two jetties for small boats, a promenade, trees, several terraces and parking spaces along the water.

Major construction work in the middle of an urban environment


Near the port the Markt was redeveloped with new paving, trees and space for terraces and events. We are also modernising the sewerage system in the centre to a separate system.

Fresh water
In addition to the appeal of the centre, the reopening of the Roode Vaart will improve the fresh water supply for the region. Running water counteracts the salinification of the agricultural areas and the Zeeland lakes. By bringing the water back into the port, the fresh water will start to move. At the end of the port, the water continues underground via a culvert. The redevelopment of the Markt, the port and the sewerage work was commissioned by the Municipality of Moerdijk. The return of the water will be made financially possible thanks to contributions from central government, the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland and the Brabantse Delta water board.

Attention to the environment
In Zevenbergen we are working with large construction equipment in the middle of an urban environment. We adapt the construction method to these circumstances and we always provide a customised technical solution. For example, we press sheet pile walls into the ground instead of vibrating them. Instead of pile driving, we work with screw injection piles. And to limit the inconvenience, we did not work on the sewers during the terrace season. During our work we keep the centre accessible and available as much as possible. We also ensure good communication with residents and entrepreneurs. The project can be followed via the BouwApp, we are in contact with an active focus group and our harbour master is the first point of contact outside, to respond quickly to questions.

Safety is part of our daily work and absolutely essential in a busy centre. Working on a construction site involves risks. That is why working safely and healthily is our top priority. In Zevenbergen, our work receives a lot of attention from local residents and the passing public. Of course we are proud of our work and like to show it, but at a safe distance. We therefore take extra safety measures into account.

Sustainability and reuse of materials
In Zevenbergen we applied the sustainable GWW approach, a working method for sustainability in civil and hydraulic engineering projects. The project plan complies with the CO2 performance ladder, step 5. Since 2010 Strukton has been at the highest level of the CO2 performance ladder, a tool that helps organisations to structurally reduce CO2 emissions. We also focus on the reuse of materials. We break rubble on location and reuse it and we do the same with soil that is released.

Project in figures

  • The port is 576.5 metres long
  •  On the widest part the port is 14.8 metres wide, on the narrowest part 9 metres
  • The port will be 2.25 metres deep
  • We place about 850 sheet piles
  • We are digging away about 34,560 m3 of soil
  • 1,540,500 stones are needed for the redevelopment of the quays and the market square
Bewuste Bouwers Zevenbergen
Conscious Building is very important. On the pillar 'Environment' Strukton scored a 9 out of 10

Bewuste Bouwers Audit (Conscious Builders), 2019

Collaboration In Zevenbergen, we work closely with our client, the municipality of Moerdijk. An old quay wall within the project required a special technical solution. Within the construction team we devised a different new quay construction. In addition, we have a separate alliance with the municipality in the area of risks. For specialist parts of the project, we are linking up with other partners, such as Van Rens Mobiliteit for traffic measures, Antea for archaeology, Tubex for the foundation and Strukton Milieutechniek for advice on and implementation of environmental legislation and, for example, supervision of soil remediation.

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As one Strukton Civiel, we have the professional and innovative strength to serve our customers – both nationally and regionally. This way, we are building an infrastructure on which the Netherlands travels smoothly.

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