PGGM: a healthy building for haeppey users

  • Client PGGM
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Zeist
  • Status Maintenance

Focus on the user Strukton Worksphere and pension provider PGGM have been close partners since 2016. Our collective goal? A healthy building with satisfied users. We are doing this by making PGGM’s office continuously more sustainable and with data-driven management and maintenance (M&M). For example, we are using Strukton PULSE to monitor various facilities, such as energy consumption. And we use the haeppey sensors to determine how ‘healthy’ it is to work in the building. Where necessary, we make adjustments.

We measure how healthy it is to work in the building and make any adjustments where necessary.


At PGGM, we look after the building's management and electrical, mechanical and structural maintenance, and reduce energy consumption. Thanks to our integrated approach, we are succeeding in making an already highly sustainable building – with solar panels, a heat pump, thermal storage and more – even more sustainable.

Together even more sustainable
PGGM’s building was awarded the BREEAM NL In Use very good classification that meets the most recent guidelines. This means the building is already quite sustainable. Still, this does not prevent Strukton Worksphere and PGGM from making the building and the premises even more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With 358 additional solar panels, for example. The energy generated by these solar panels allows PGGM’s employees to charge their electric vehicles. As a result, they drive 712,000 kilometres each year on sustainably generated electricity. Collectively, they save 60 tonnes of CO2 each year. 
And things don’t stop there. For every expansion or modification of the building, Strukton Worksphere checks to see if it can improve on the insulation. The building must become even more sustainable through innovative trials such as PCM (phase-changing materials). This salt solution is applied to ceilings and stores energy. In summer this is expected to help cool, and in winter to help heat the building. 
Data-driven management and maintenance As a test, we are using haeppey sensors to measure air humidity, temperature, light intensity and noise levels in various areas. We use this data to improve the working environment, for example with sound-absorbing paint. In addition, Strukton PULSE measures various other things, such as the use of technical installations, charging stations and thermal energy storage. This way we prevent disruptions, perform timely maintenance and make the building even more sustainable where possible.

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