Sustainable and contemporary: the Kromhout Kazerne

  • Client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf en Ministerie van Defensie
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Utrecht
  • Status Maintenance

From hypermodern to always contemporary The Komfort consortium (Strukton Worksphere, Ballast Nedam and Dalmore Capital) is responsible for the design, construction, financing, management and maintenance (DBFMO) of the Kromhout Kazerne site. Through continuous innovation we will ensure this currently hypermodern office park will stay ahead of its time through to 2035. For example, through circular waste management, electric charging stations and data-driven maintenance. We keep focused on the future and maintain Kromhout as a contemporary facility.

We keep focused on the future and maintain Kromhout as a contemporary facility


The six office buildings of the Kromhout Kazerne are neatly lined up on a magnificent, 19-hectare green site. In addition, 150 defence employees live here and 3,000 colleagues make use of the offices, sports facilities, health centre, meeting centre and underground parking garage.

Flexible, sustainable and innovative
The layout of the Kromhout Kazerne is flexible: it is possible to add another office building, but it is also possible to dispose of some buildings. This way the complex will continue to meet the requirements of the Department of Defence, now and in the future. A biomass plant heats part of the complex and 3,800 solar panels generate 10% of the site’s power requirements. We received the BREEAM-in-use certificate for the site’s layout, which facilitates our sustainable management and maintenance. 
Furthermore, the Kromhout Kazerne is a testing ground for innovations. Because in 2035, sustainability will be very different from what it was in 2010. This is why Komfort is actively contributing to the ‘electrification’ of the vehicle fleet. Furthermore, the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption and the volume of waste, over the coming years. For example, we are experimenting with automatically separating waste and using salt-water batteries for generating electricity, and we ensure the complex stays contemporary.
Sustainable management Hundreds of sensors measure everything imaginable at the Kromhout Kazerne. Ranging from the use made of the buildings and the performance of the technical installations to costs and malfunctions. This enables us to predict deviations, malfunctions and behaviour and makes it possible for us to carry out systematic maintenance. The results are impressive: longer service life of equipment and technical installations, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

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