DUO2: sustainable and efficient ‘cruise ship’

  • Client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Groningen
  • Status Maintenance
DUO Groningen

Smart building, long-term sustainable maintenance Groningen’s citizens affectionately call the large, iconic DUO2 the ‘cruise ship’. The Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB)) undertook this project together with the DUO2 Consortium comprising Ballast Nedam, John Laing and Strukton Worksphere. Within this unique public-private partnership (PPP), Strukton was responsible for the DBFMO: design, build, finance, maintain and operate. Smart and sustainable building here forms the basis for efficient maintenance, for which we are responsible until 2031 on a risk-bearing basis. This way we guarantee an enjoyable work environment for all DUO2 users for a period of twenty years.

Sustainable building forms the basis for efficient and effective maintenance. We guarantee an enjoyable work environment for 20 years.


The construction of DUO2 began in February 2009 and the new building was completed on 15 March 2011. The building covers 47,000 m2 and provides space for 2,500 employees, a bicycle park for 1,500 bicycles and a multistorey car park for 725 cars.

DBFMO: constantly enhancing sustainability and innovation
Aside from a multifunctional pavilion with shops and catering, users can also relax here in a large public urban garden on the roof of the car park. An enjoyable working environment is key to DUO2 and Strukton Worksphere has provided for this since the building’s completion in 2011. By constantly adjusting the maintenance and management processes – the M in DBFMO – we manage to get the most out of the technical installations and the financial resources. Data-driven maintenance is key in this respect. We non-stop collect data about everything, from energy consumption and the performance of the technical installations to air quality and temperature. By analysing this data using our building management system Strukton PULSE, we are able to assess the management and maintenance risks on a timely basis and adjust processes accordingly. This way the long-term maintenance plan continues to stay in step with current user needs and maximum cost levels.
In addition, the DBFMO approach constantly enhances sustainability. A good example: the Strukton PULSE dashboard indicated that there were a large number of lighting-related malfunctions. A business case demonstrated that replacement by LED lighting would lead to considerable cost savings. Due to this change there now are far fewer malfunctions, there is less activity at the service desk and energy efficiency significantly increased. 
DUO2 in itself is an innovative building, but we constantly continue to innovate here. Where possible we adjust processes to make them circular. We apply experimental techniques – such as the use of waste as fuel – as soon as they become profitable enough. The newest milestone in the sustainable maintenance of DUO2 will be when we earn the ISO 55001 certificate. Incontrovertible proof that we manage DUO2 sustainably, effectively and cost efficiently.
BREEAM score for sustainable construction A sustainable PPP starts off with a smart design and build – the D and B in DBFMO. This is why a number of revolutionary techniques were applied in the building’s construction. Such as concrete core activation, whereby water is routed through the floor structure. This provides for a constant temperature throughout the entire building. In addition, the building is equipped with a thermal energy storage facility – the underground long-term storage of heat and cold. This provides for efficient cooling in summer and heating in winter.

In addition, due consideration was provided in the building’s design for the office building’s potential conversion into a residential building over the long-term. For example, lifts, technical installations and stairs were constructed at strategic locations. It was for good reason that after the building’s completion the DUO2 Consortium received a four-star BREEAM-NL certificate for the building’s outstanding sustainability.

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