Redevelopment main road through Terheijden

  • Client Municipality of Drimmelen
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Terheijden
  • Status In Progress
Doorgaande route Terheijden

Safe, liveable and sustainable Safety, sustainability and a good living environment. Those are key words for the activities in the centre of Terheijden with a new layout of the main road and the construction of a heat network. As of August 2019, Strukton Civiel Zuid is working in Terheijden on behalf of the municipality of Drimmelen. Here, the through route will be redesigned and made safer. Sustainability also plays an important role. Part of the work is the construction of a heat network as an alternative to connections to natural gas.

A new road layout and a sustainable initiative

Duurzame energie door en voor betrokken bewoners

A special feature of this project is the construction of a heat network. The municipality of Drimmelen is collaborating with the Traais Energie Collectief (TEC). The Traais Energie Collectief is a cooperation by and for residents of Terheijden. The collective is constructing the Traais warmtenetwerk (heat network) in the centre of Terheijden. By means of this heat network, residents in the area can provide their homes with sustainable heat via the Traais Warmtebedrijf (Heat Company). Such a heat network connection makes gas superfluous.

The redevelopment of the main road in Terheijden will involve the application of traffic-reducing measures by narrowing the road profile, raising the sidewalks and constructing platforms at the connecting roads. The sewerage system will meet the municipality's requirements. This will prevent water from entering the street in the event of heavy precipitation.

Alderman Jürgen Vissers: "During the work, we will also install a heat network in the ground. The energy transition is a very large change for the whole of the Netherlands. In Terheijden, the TEC (Traais Energie Collectief) is the club that, together with the municipality, wants to make great strides in this direction. A heat network underneath Terheijden (as a replacement for Groningen's natural gas) is part of the solution. By joining forces now, because the street had to be broken open anyway, we avoid having to change the street twice. This does not mean that there is no nuisance for the residents, but that we do limit this to one time."
Alderman Jan-Willem Stoop: "The redevelopment of the central route through Terheijden has started! This means that a large part of Terheijden will be redesigned, but also that we will get a better quality and more attractive public space in return. This both above and below ground. We have been able to process many ideas from our residents. We also attach great importance to ensuring that communication continues to run smoothly. The centre will be the one that Terheijden deserves and where it is pleasant to live, work and stay. Of course this is a nuisance, but after 10 months we expect that there is a nice picture of which we can be proud. This will give Terheijden the centre that fits its image. At the kick-off, all parties showed that they wanted to get to work and make something beautiful out of it, together."

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