Van Gogh Museum: about clever maintenance

  • Client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Amsterdam
  • Status Maintenance
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Smart and sustainable building management with data-driven technology Every day, 5,500 visitors enjoy the fantastic collection in the Van Gogh Museum. As the proud manager, we ensure a pleasant environment plus optimal climate settings to keep the valuable works in top condition. We do so sustainably with data-driven technology.
Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (the Central Government Real Estate Agency), Van Gogh Museum and Strukton Worksphere signed a ten-year contract for electrical, mechanical engineering and architectural maintenance. The contract imposes high demands with respect to comfort, uninterrupted operations, health and sustainability. In 2017, the project won the jury and public prize at the InfraTech exhibition for 'Best partnership project in construction'.

Working together to ensure a perfectly functioning and sustainable building


How do you achieve optimal performance in a technically complex environment with existing installations and systems?

Performance contract
The conditions in the Van Gogh Museum must be optimal every day of the year. For both the collection and the visitor. We achieve this via smart solutions and new, sustainable and energy efficient technologies. This smart maintenance takes place behind the scenes, using up-to-date climate control and fire safety systems and attention for energy control, of course. Using risk-oriented maintenance and our latest technology, Strukton PULSE, we can satisfy the extremely high demands in the maintenance contract.

Making the museum more sustainable

We are happy to contribute ideas about making the museum more sustainable. To do this, we can use Strukton PULSE, for instance. Sensors measure the condition of the installations 24/7, so that we can give specific advice about maintenance and replacement. PULSE also provides insight into setting improvements. With the tiniest adjustments, we can achieve great improvements in energy consumption. We can cope with the seasonal fluctuations in climate, but changes need to be gradual. Due to the extreme sensitivity of the artworks, temperature changes may be a mere tenth of a degree or half a percent more or less humidity.

Smarter Management The Central Government Real Estate Agency signed a ten-year contract for the electrical, mechanical engineering and architectural maintenance of the Van Gogh Museum. The Agency, together with the Van Gogh Museum, translated requirements relating to comfort, uninterrupted operations, safety and security for people and the collection, health and sustainability into 29 Key Performance Indicators for this purpose. Strukton Worksphere successfully demonstrated that it could safeguard the requested performance using the existing installations and systems.

Strukton Worksphere constantly seeks an optimal balance between guaranteeing performance, replacing installations and maintaining them. This results in an optimal maintenance strategy. Our approach is always based on the entire lifecycle. This way performance contracts result in a smart balance between thorough maintenance and well-timed replacement.

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