A new bridge on an old foundation

  • Client Municipality of Purmerend
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Purmerend
  • Status Delivered

By thoroughly renovating this bascule bridge, it will last for many more years After 55 years of intensive use, the Hoornse Bridge in Purmerend's city centre was due for renewal. The increasingly heavier traffic had damaged the structure. The work involved the complete renovation of a bascule bridge in Purmerend's city centre. During construction we kept any hindrance to the surroundings to a minimum through means of a very short 12-week construction time and temporary pontoons for cyclists and pedestrians. Strukton Civiel was awarded the contract on the basis of Economically Most Advantageous Tender (EMAT) criteria.

The renovation has extended the bridge's useful life.


We designed and constructed a new leaf, drive and control system for the Hoornse Bridge, which dates from the sixties. The concrete and steel structures were repaired. The abutting road was upgraded. Asphalt was applied to the bridge deck and we installed new railings.

Due to proper work planning, any inconvenience around the bridge was limited
The bridge was constructed using the existing foundation, bridge cellar and bridge abutments. Quite the challenge, because the renovated bridge had to meet current laws and regulations. This is where our expertise in the area of risk management, civil engineering and mechanical engineering served us well. 
In the design we had to provide due consideration to a reinforced steel bridge deck structure for a possible future reconfiguration of the lanes on the leaf and bridge abutments, due to the construction of a potential bicycle bridge adjacent to this bridge. This had a rather significant impact on the design, since we were forced to design a leaf that would be able to accommodate different load distributions and traffic configurations, without making any future structural modifications.
By as much as possible prefabricating and assembling everything on-site, we were able to complete the project, from demolition to construction, in just twelve weeks. As a result, the inconvenience to the surroundings caused by the work on this key bridge was limited. Adjacent to the bridge we constructed two pontoon bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic management rerouted motorised traffic during the construction period.
Ready for the future The renovation has extended the bridge's useful life. In addition, the traffic flows in the direction of the bridge were redesigned. The roads were repaved with new asphalt. During this optimisation work, the nearby junction was also raised relative to the bridge to provide a better overview for bridge users.

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As one Strukton Civiel, we have the professional and innovative strength to serve our customers – both nationally and regionally. This way, we are building an infrastructure on which the Netherlands travels smoothly.

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